Antivenom For Dogs Australia

Antivenom For Dogs Australia

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Antivenom For Dogs Australia. It is recommended to pre-medicate the patient with dexamethasone and antihistamine to minimise the risk of adverse reaction. Treatment usually consists of intravenous fluids and the administration of antivenom to neutralise the snake venom in the pets body.

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Cats and dogs were the most frequently reported victims. The CSIRO and a small Victorian biotech company have developed a more effective antivenom for dogs bitten by snakes that could also help humans. Estimates range from 250-700 per dose of anti-venom and a minimum of 1500 for a hospital stay.

Given the possibility that antivenom therapy could reduce the severity andor duration of clinical signs and severe adverse effects have been uncommonly reported antivenom therapy is considered indicated in cases of moderate to severe snake envenomation of dogs and cats in Australia.

Treatments conducted by veterinarians for snake envenomation in dogs in Queensland Australia in 2016. Cats and dogs were the most frequently reported victims. In Australia there is antivenom available for Brown snake Tiger snake Mulga Snake Death Adder and Taipan snakes. The major Australian snakes are the brown snakes tiger snake group mulgablack snakes taipans and death adders.